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Nordic Green Tea

Nordic Green Tea

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25 biodegradable tea bags.

Healthy, refreshing and originating from Northern Europe! NORDIC GREEN TEA contains leaves of fireweed herb, hand-picked in wild Northern meadows and forests. Thanks to the natural properties of the fireweed and the high concentration of minerals, you can use it as a healthy and refreshing alternative to existing green tea products!

NORDIC GREEN tea from fireweed will be a great addition to enjoying your slow mornings and getting energized for the whole day. Energy-boosting, metabolism-improving effect.

Taste: a light taste with a hint of citrus in the aftertaste.

Color: light green color and semi-clear consistency.

Contains: fireweed leaves, dried

🍃100% certified organic and sustainable tea

🍃Hand-picked in Northern meadows and forests

🍃Innovation: plant-based tea abgs compostable within 30-60 days

🍃GMO-free and theine-free

Packaging: metal box with separately removable lid.
Size 90mm x 90mm x 11mm.
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