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David Almanza [Gesha]

David Almanza [Gesha]

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A fragrant and elegant coffee with floral, sweet and fruity notes of jasmine, mandarin, almonds and pomegranate.

Varietal: Gesha Inca
Process: Washed
Farm: Finca Eucalipto Pita
Score: 88.5+


Weight: 200g


David Almanza

David Almanza's farm is located just outside the village of Amaybamba. The path to his farm goes up from the road along a small irrigation stream until we reach the highest point of his Chacra 200 meters above. At this highest point, David grows his coffee beans, including this variety of Gesha Inca. Being so close to the village of Amaybamba, David often welcomes guests visiting the Incahuasi community, showing them the methods of growing coffee. He is an active and social member of the community, actively raising awareness of the remote Incahuasi valley.

Gesha Inca is the historic variety of Gesha that has been growing in the district for decades. It was largely neglected because of its low yield, but now, with experienced quality management, David plants more of this wonderful variety at even higher altitudes, producing excellent results and beneficial benefits for the community. The members of each committee of the Incahuasi cooperative share the same ancestry and the same Inca culture.

For this lot, fully ripe cherries are picked and then float in the water before being pulped to eliminate unripe or insect-damaged cherries. Once this sorting is done, the cherries are pulped in clean fermentation tanks where they are left to ferment without water in their own mucilage. The cool climate maintains this process stable with shortened fermentation times from 24 to 36 hours. Dry fermentation also reduces the impact of wastewater on the surrounding environment. After the fermentation process, the coffee is completely washed and put to rest on raised drying beds. The coffee parchment is returned uniformly 5 to 6 times a day in the cool climate at about 1900-2100 meters above sea level. Drying at this altitude takes 10 to 12 days to reach a stable humidity level of 10 to 11.5%. After drying, the coffee is transported to the headquarters of the Incahuasi cooperative in Andahuaylas where it is tested and classified for its quality.


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