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Sidra · Finca Soledad [125gr]

Sidra · Finca Soledad [125gr]

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Vibrant Wave

This Natural Wave Sidra has been specially processed to create a complex flavor profile, with a creamy, medium body reminiscent of dark grapes, sweet oranges, cane sugar and exotic flowers.It has a slightly funky taste, but is exceptionally clean and leaves an enduringly long and intense aftertaste.

Origin: Ecuador, Imbabura Province
Variety: Sidra
Process: Wave Natural
Producer: Pepe Jijón, Finca Soledad
Cupping Score: 92,75
Altitude: 1515m
Roast: Light
Weight: 125gr
    About this coffee:
    At Finca Soledad, every step of the process is done with the utmost attention to detail and care for nature, both day and night. The unique lots they produce are a reflection of the moment, the hard work of the pickers, the balance of microorganisms in the soil, and the weather. Everything works together in harmony to create a work of art from nature. This nanolot of 25kg was carefully handpicked in January 2023, composed of only the ripest and best coffee cherries, with a Brix value ranging from 18 to 22. To emphasize the terroir of the region, minimal amount of water was used during the intermediate steps of the process. The cherries were fermented in closed tanks for a total of four days, and then dried in a tightly controlled manner over the course of four weeks in a dark room using special air dryers until the desired level of residual moisture was reached.
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