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Peru - Finca La Palestina GEISHA

Peru - Finca La Palestina GEISHA

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Peru - Finca la Palestina Geisha

Producer: Juan Bautista Alarcón Gonzales

Origin: San Jose del Alto, PE

Flavour: Bergamot, Red Berries, Intense Florals  

In 1960, Juan Bautista Alarcón Gonzales and his wife Soraida purchased La Palestina farm, naming it for “its blessed land” that yields abundant harvests. They have a large family of more than 10 people who are all involved in producing coffee. Initially cultivating Catimor for its resistance to "roya" disease, they later shifted to bourbon, discovering that this variety is even more resistant to such challenges.

Over the past two decades, the Alarcón family has exclusively worked with bourbon, aiming for 90-scoring coffee. They've also introduced new varieties, including the "Marchell" mutation of Bourbon, Geisha, and Java, with 7,000 seeds already planted.

Through collaboration with Origin Coffee Lab, led by Jose Rivera since 2018, the family embraced technology and innovation to enhance planting, harvest spacing, and cup quality.

Participating in the "Cup of Excellence," their coffee scored 87.5, revealing its significant potential. Fully dedicated to their land, each family member contributed to farm improvements, emphasizing a balance between human life and land stewardship. Aníbal Alarcón (one of the Alarcón brothers), specialises in coffee quality and fermentation through Origin Coffee Lab's training. In 2019, he achieved an 88 in cup quality in the "Cup of Excellence" contest.

This is the first year we got to buy coffee from Finca La Palestina and when we cupped their Geisha lot it really stood out on the table with its bright notes of Bergamot, red berries and intense florals. 

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