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Tim Wendelboe

Nacimiento Pacas

Nacimiento Pacas

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The Pacas cultivar from finca Nacimiento produces a coffee with a fruity and sweet cup profile. Expect flavours of chocolate,  red berries and stone fruits with a herbal finish.

    Cultivar: Pacas
    Flavour Notes: Red berries, chocolate & stone fruits
    Producer: Jobneel Caceres Dios
    Region: El Cielito, Santa Barbara
    Harvest: May 2023
    Process: Washed
    Size: 250gr

    Tim's notes:

    For a long time we have asked Jobneel to separate his coffees by cultivar and harvest date. As a result we have not only gotten coffees with different flavour profiles due to the variations in cultivars but we have also noticed that the flavour intensity tend to increase from the start of the harvest in January / February towards the end of the harvest in June. This is most likely due to the later pickings are harvested from the higher altitudes on the farm.

    Unlike the 2022 harvest which was of slightly lower than average in quality, the 2023 harvest was not only larger but also much better in terms of quality. This particular lot is from the first pickings from the 2023 harvest and comes mainly from the lower part of the farm at around 1500 - 1600 meters above sea level. The coffee has subtle fruity notes with a little herbal and chocolaty finish. Normally when I taste these coffees together with the exporters we work with in Santa Barbara, they describe the flavours of these coffees with words like mango and orange, etc. I personally think of red berries and chocolate but that is just because we have different cultural backgrounds and references when it comes to food and flavours. 


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