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La Pachuca (Filter)

La Pachuca (Filter)

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A juicy, fruity coffee with notes of red fruit, pineapple and peach.

  • PROCESS: Honey (Juicy) 
  • TASTING NOTES: red fruits, pineapple and peach
  • VARIETAL: Caturra Red
  • SCORE: 87+
  • 200g
Roast Date: 24 Oct 2023


Juicy Honey

The honey process starts at the farm with the selection of ripe cherries of an optimal red color. They are sorted and then carefully pulped using as little water as possible. After pulping, they are fermented in their own mucilage and with pulp from another batch for 120 hours.

This batch was dried on the African beds under full sunlight for 2 days to avoid excessive fermentation or mold formation. Then it was transferred to the raised beds with 75% shade for an additional 13 days until it reached a moisture content of 11.5% or less. The total drying time for this batch was 15 days.

Once dried, they are transferred to a warehouse where they will rest in order to dry slowly and homogenize the humidity on the whole coffee beans. This slow drying process also extends the shelf life of the beans because the embryo is kept alive as long as possible.

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