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Incahuasi (Espresso)

Incahuasi (Espresso)

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A round Peruvian coffee for an espresso cup with gourmet and fresh notes of almonds and honey and with a delicate finish reminiscent of orange zest.

  • TASTING NOTES: Almonds, honey, orange zest
  • VARIETAL: Caturra, Typica & Bourbon
  • SCORE: 85+
  • 200g
Roast Date: 29 Sep 2023

The Agraria Cafetalera Valle de Incahuasi Cooperative (CACVI) was founded by Claudio Ortiz Osis on January 21, 2005.
The Cooperative is composed of 494 partners grouped into 13 committees, each with its own coffee processing facilities.

Incahuasi translates as "house of the Incas" and represents the Incahuasi valley southwest of the snowy summit of Choquesafra and the Coisopacana Mountains in the province of La Convención, Cusco. Farmers produce coffee around ice-covered mountains at high altitudes between 1850 and 2450 meters above sea level, often influenced by the immense mountains more than 5,000 meters high from which these valleys derive.

The members of each committee of the Incahuasi cooperative share the same Inca culture. Traditionally, the Incas share the work processes within their community and today the members of the Inchuasi cooperative still use the methods of Minka (to share the work on infrastructure in the community) and Ayni (to share the work mutually between farmers on a daily basis).
Throughout this work transfer, practices are refined in each farmer and perfected in the Inca tradition.

All the coffee produced by the Incahuasi cooperative is certified organic according to IMO standards and the Small Producer Seal (Sello de
Pequeños Productores, or SPP) that surpasses the fair trade label.

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