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Tim Wendelboe

Finca Tamana SL28

Finca Tamana SL28

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The SL28 from Finca Tamana has a subtle winey note with fruity flavours of red berries.

    Cultivar: SL28
    Flavour Notes: Red fruits, winey & dark chocolate
    Producer: Elias Roa & Bellanid Sanchez
    Region: El Pital, Huila
    Harvest: June 2023
    Process: Washed
    Size: 250gr

    Tim's notes:

    I planted these SL28 seeds with Elias in 2013 and the trees were planted in the field in early 2014. Since then we have gradually been able to buy more and more of this coffee.

    The SL28 from Finca Tamana is quite subtle in the flavour profile but still has some of the classic SL28 flavours like red berries. It has a lower acidity and an interesting floral and dark chocolate note. I find it to be quite different from the brighter and more intense Kenyan grown SL28 coffees that we sent out last month.

    Although it is not the most expressive coffee from this farm, it still offers a unique flavour profile that is different from the traditional Caturra, Castillo and varied Colombia cultivars that are the most common coffees grown in Colombia and at Finca Tamana.


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