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Tim Wendelboe

Finca Tamana (Espresso)

Finca Tamana (Espresso)

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The majority of Finca Tamana is planted with Variedad Colombia so you might say it is the benchmark coffee from this farm. Expect a caramel like (or panela if you are Colombian) sweetness with a clean and smooth mouthfeel and subtle fruity and herbal flavours.

    Cultivar: Variedad Colombia
    Flavour Notes: Sweet chocolate, caramel & red fruits
    Producer: Elias Roa & Bellanid Sanchez
    Region: El Pital, Huila
    Harvest: July 2023
    Process: Washed
    Size: 250gr

    Tim's notes:

    When Elias and his wife Bellanid bought Finca Tamana in 2011 most of the farm was planted with the two cultivars Caturra and Variedad Colombia. Since then the Caturra trees have been attacked by leaf rust almost every year and the quality and production has therefore been a bit up and down. The Variedad Colombia is resistant to leaf rust and because of that it has consistently been tasting better compared to the Caturra over the years.

    Many buyers are sceptical to the Variedad Colombia cultivar as it tends to be more herbal in the aftertaste than the traditional Caturra. Apart from that, they do taste very similar. (After all, Caturra was used in order to develop the Variedad Colombia hybrid by cross pollinating Caturra with the Timor Hybrid.) However, we have found that when the coffee cherries are picked super ripe at a purple colour, the herbal flavours tend to be more in the background and you'll get more fruity characteristics in the cup.  The meticulous picking and sorting protocols at Finca Tamana makes this coffee super sweet with subtle ripe red fruit flavours. The coffe has a recognisable clean and smooth cup profile that is a result of the thorough processing and drying techniques we have developed together with Elias and Bellanid over the years.  

    In order to make sure we get the very best coffees from Tamana each year, I taste through all the individual pickings of each cultivar and select the very best ones. Since they produce many small batches of Variedad Colombia, it means that I normally select between 10-15 pickings that gets blended in to 2-3 different lots depending on picking dates, moisture content, quality and cup profile. It has taken a lot of years and work to gradually raise the quality of these coffees, but I believe we have managed to take their "regular" coffee to a new level that is consistently sweet and clean and has a characteristic flavour profile that reflects the cultivar and region this coffee is from.

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