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Ethiopia Mundayo - Filter

Ethiopia Mundayo - Filter

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They say too many chefs spoil the soup, but what about 750 farmers? Bringing thousands of beautiful, juicy little cherries to the Gara Kogne washing station? What happens then is that we get the Mundayo - a washed Ethiopian coffee that’s a plummy, violet, creamy oolong dream in a cup.

The Mundayo is named after the village the washing station is located in in West Arsi, and is made up of mixed heirloom varieties grown at 1945 - 2100 masl. Processing is done through de-pulping the beans before a 96 hour fermentation, which gives the coffee a vibrant sweetness. 

Perhaps too many chefs is a faux pas, but too many farmers isn’t yet a worry in our kitchen.

Weight: 250gr

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