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El Paraiso #1

El Paraiso #1

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A fruity and sweet batch with notes of apricot & peach tea, it will leave a unique and refreshing taste in the mouth!

  • PROCESS: Double Anaerobic Fermentation
  • TASTING NOTES: Apricot & Peach
  • VARIETAL: Castillo
  • SCORE: 90+
  • 200g


Diego Samuel Bermudez

The result of the work of Diego Samuel Bermudez, this fruity little bomb with sweet accents comes straight from the Finca El Paraiso, nestled at 1700 meters above sea level in El Tambo in the Cauca region of Colombia.

Focused on technological and agronomic innovation, this young coffee farmer is exploring ways to improve the quality of his coffees while controlling the impact of climate change in the country.

This coffee comes from a single-varietal batch of Castillo, a high-yielding variety popular in Colombia because it is resistant to coffee rust. Its treatment in double anaerobic fermentation gives it all its aromatic complexity and juicy character.

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