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Burtukaana Bombe

Burtukaana Bombe

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Tropical Funk

This coffee delights us with its complex sweetness and unique flavors of exotic fruits, sweet papaya, passion fruit and melon. It has a very juicy body and a long, intense aftertaste.
Origin: Ethiopia, Sidamo
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Producer: Bombe Washing Station
Cupping Score: 87,5
Altitude: 1993 - 2150m
Roast: Light
Weight: 250gr
    About this coffee:
    The Tariku Coffee Farms are located at high altitudes, ranging between 1900 and 2150 meters above sea level, which is a key factor in growing G1 coffee beans. These coffees are harvested from October to January, with selective hand picking to achieve the best quality in the cup. The variety is an indigenous heirloom, planted on fertile, reddish-brown, well-drained soils. Family members on small farms harvest the coffee cherries, which are then hand-selected to remove any unripe or overripe fruit. These cherries are then taken to the washing station for further processing. To make Naturals, the coffee cherries are dried in layers of about 3-4 cm at first, slowly increasing to 6-10 cm. The degree of fermentation depends on the thickness of the layers and the temperature. Because of the high altitude, fermentation is slow due to the low temperatures. During the drying process, the cherries are carefully rearranged and covered during the hottest hours of the day and night to protect them from intense sunlight and moisture. This helps maintain quality and ensures that the coffee dries evenly. The entire process can take up to 20 days at these altitudes.
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