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Benti Nenka

Benti Nenka

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Floral & Bright

This coffee has floral notes that taste like delicate cherry blossoms, accompanied by a complex sweetness reminiscent of ripe, juicy mirabelle plums. With a medium body and exceptional clarity, it embodies the characteristics of a classic washed Ethiopian coffee with highly intense aromas.

Origin: Ethiopia, Guji
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Producer: Benti Nenka Washing Station
Cupping Score: 87
Altitude: 1900 - 2300m
Roast: Light
Weight: 250gr
    About this coffee:
    The cherries undergo a accurate process to ensure the highest quality coffee beans. Firstly, they are carefully hand-picked and selected. Then, a traditional Agaarde disc pulper is used to remove the skin and pulp from the cherries. The pulped cherries are classified as either 1st or 2nd quality based on their density. Next, the coffee is fermented for 48 hours and washed in channels afterwards. The lower density beans are removed, leaving only the denser and better quality beans, which are separated into higher grade lots. After fermentation, the beans are soaked for 2 hours and then dried in 2cm layers for 10 days. Hand sorting is done for 2-4 hours to ensure only the best beans remain. Once dried, the coffees are packed in jute bags and stored in a local warehouse, segregated by process and grade. Lot sizes can range from 100-300 bags. This careful storage process helps condition the coffee and achieve a uniform moisture content. Typically, the coffees are stored for 1-2 months before being moved. In certain cases, the parchment is also hand sorted in the warehouse.
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