• Coffee A

MANHATTAN Colombia Letty Bermudez

Tastes like: Haribo peach, milky oolong, mango

Processing: Double fermentation thermal shock
Farm: Finca el Paraiso
Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez
Region: Cauca, Pierndamó
Altitude: 1960masl
Variety: Geisha

  • Coffee B

KAWA Veci Project [Gulupa] - FRUIT INFUSED

An unforgettable sensory experience, revealing notes of tropical fruit, mango and honey. At once sweet and tangy, round and vibrant.


Method:Honey - Fruit Infused

Farm:Veci Project


  • Coffee C

MANHATTAN Colombia Samuel Jnr. Bermudez

Tastes like: Star anise, dark fudge, verbena
Processing: Double Anaerobic Thermal Shock Washed
Farm: Finca el Paraiso
Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez
Region: Cauca
Altitude: 1960masl
Variety: Caturra Chiroso

  • Coffee D


In the cup, we taste grapefruit, guava and passionfruit.

Ian Kissick used this for his milk and signature drink beverages in his UKBC winning performance this year.

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Varietal: Pink bourbon

Farm: Paraiso 92

Producer: Wilton Benitez

Elevation: 1900masl

Processing details:

1. Manual harvest
2. Characterisation of the cherry.
3. Classification of the cherry by density and size.
4. Sterilisation of the cherry (with UV and Ozone).
5. Immersion of the fruits in water at 90ºC for a short period of time to achieve better sterilisation and open the pores of the fruits.
6. First phase of cherry fermentation begins in anaerobic bioreactors where a specific microorganism is added.
7. Once the first fermentation is finished, the shell of the fruits is removed and the grains are taken to other bioreactors for a second fermentation phase.
8. After the second phase of fermentation is completed, the grains are subjected to hot water impacts and then washed with cold water.
9. The washed coffee is taken to the ecological drying equipment where the drying curve is set up (40ºC for the initial 12 hours and 35ºC for the next 24 hours).

  • Coffee E

Inmaculada Farm Colombia - Eugenioides

Tasting notes: Malt biscuit, Demerara sugar

Imagine going to a party, it is the first party in quite some time, you are excited to catch up with friends, but then your Mum arrives and steals the show. Well, that just happened at the WCE series of competitions in Milan.

It is likely that you have tasted Coffea canephora better known as robusta, which has a high caffeine content and an intense, often bitter taste. However, there are only a few people in the world that have tasted Coffea eugenioides, known as the mother of arabica.

Eugenioides is very difficult to grow commercially, especially in the early stages due to the weak root system. The annual yield is around only 50-75g green coffee beans per tree compared to 500g-1kg from an arabica tree. After 7 years the plant needs to be pruned, resulting in a year of no harvest. Our eugenioides was cultivated by Inmaculada coffee farm, located in the village of Pichindé, in Colombia's Valle Del Cauca department.

  • Coffee F

coffee collective Takesi Geisha

Tasting notes: Lychee, peach, jasmine and bergamot
Processing: Washed
Quality bonus: 2075%
Producer: Iturralde Family
Altitude: 1700-2600masl
Variety: Geisha

Super intense and complex aroma. Clean, honey-sweet with a delicate acidity.

  • Coffee G

Manhattan Panama Janson 244

Tastes like: Jasmine, green tea, red skittles
Processing: Hybrid Washed
Farm: Janson Coffee Estates
Producer: The Janson Family
Region: Volcán
Altitude: 1800masl
Variety: Green Tip Geisha

  • Coffee H

kawa Finca la Riviera [Oak Barrel]

A harmonious coffee with subtle notes of whisky, coconut and mango.


Method:Anaerobic - Culturing in oak barrels

Farm:Finca la Riviera